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Authentic Hawaiian Blessings performed by Aunty Aggie Keaolani...

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For the first time on Kauai...

I offer a genuine Hawaiian Ceremony both in the Hawaiian language and in English.

I am a Native Hawaiian resident and live in Anahola, Kauai.

Aloha wale no, Aunty Aggie Keaolani

The ceremony can include:
  • Hawaiian chanting/ Oli,
  • Hawaiian wedding song/ music,
  • Conch Shell calling,
  • Ka Oki Ana O Ka Piko,
  • Ka Oki Ana O Ka Hale,
  • Specific Hawaiian way of sharing the "Ha"/breath,
  • Lei exchange & ring blessing,
  • Marriage Pule/ Prayer,
  • Learning the true meaning of "Aloha",
  • Ho`o Ponopono/ Emotional/ Spiritual cleansing,
  • Kapa Moi Blessing.

Custom Traditional, Religious, Non-denominational or Civil Ceremonies offered. Sacred Mana blessings learned from my Kupuna/Elders.

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